The LGB Alliance Are A Hate Group

The LGB Alliance exists solely to attack transgender people’s well established place within the wider LGBT community, for no other reason than the personal bias against transgender people of the LGB Alliance’s founders. If WordPress doesn’t force me to take this down, I’ll turn this post into a list of bulletpoints explaining why they are demonstrably a hate group.


Trans women of colour were involved in the Gay Liberation movement in the US from the very beginning. There are plans to commemorate that fact at the site of the Stonewall Inn. As reported here (Link opens in a new tab.) To try and put a wedge between LGB and T is to deny that shared history. There are documentaries and websites about those trans pioneers, like this one about Marsha P Johnson.

It’s also to deny the personal history of many transgender and transsexual people who, before their transition, often as part of their own exploration of their identity, identitified as Lesbian Gay and Bisexual. It also elevates the LGB Alliance and their supporters to the role of arbiters of other people’s sexual identity as many transitioned trans people identify as Lesbian Gay and Bisexual. It is impossible to remove the T from LGBT because we are also LGB as well as T. It strives to create barriers to the full inclusion of trans people in our community. A community which many of us have worked and campaigned for through they years. The aims of the LGB Alliance are defended by people like Debbie Hayton who, as far as I have been to grasp from her online presence, was never a part of the LGBT community in any meaningful sense before articulating her transgender identity. There is no conceivable reason to argue for a separation of LGB from T except a personal distaste for transgender people, which has been a re-occurring attitude from some people within the LGB community for as long as I can remember. Frequently expressed as “We are not like them” Transgender people have often been treated as the family embarrassment within LGBT politics, too “Queer” too visible, too “different” in the eyes of supposedly “respectable” a certain sector of cisgender gay and lesbian people. I think the American terms would be “Log Cabin Republicans.” What the people within the “respectable” cisgender LGB community who see themselves as boss always forget is that anyone, literally anyone can choose to identify as LGBTQ+ at any time and there are no membership rules.

When your movement is based on personal disdain and embarassment, it is a hate movement.

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